Round 7 Match Report and Photos

Posted on May 28, 2017

Under 10s


Kennedy U10 players should feel really proud. A fantastic team effort characterised by fast ball movement and defensive pressure. The boys shared the ball around and played their positions well.

Under 11s

Div 1

The Heeney side completed their third game against the sides above them on the ladder at ELS Hall on Sunday when they took on Willoughby Green. The boys opened brightly and had some good forward entries with Tom unlucky not to kick a major. Matt drove the ball through late in the quarter leaving us under a goal behind. Our midfield was in a real contest with Felix winning some good ball aided by some solid tackling from Jed and Ollie along with Xavier wh executed at least one take-down on a much bigger opponent. The second quarter saw the game get scrappy as we fell foul of a number of holding the ball calls which seemed very premature. Noah and Rhys continued to bring good ball out of defence and restricted Willoughby to a single goal. The third quarter gave us a chance to close the gap thanks to a snapped goal from Lachy and we aced the final quarter with a great chance to snatch a victory. Nick scored a great goal but we did not get rewarded for a couple of other kicks and when Willoughby got forward and snatched their goal he gap became too hard to bridge. Another close loss on a score of 4-11 (35) to 3-5 (23). While the game is a team effort, the best on ground yesterday was definitely Henry Williams who lost some bark for the cause when he dived to rush a behind in the final quarter on the artificial pitch!!. This was after a number of strong intercept marks and intelligent delivery. Special mention to Joe Birtles who had a spell in very part of the field during the game and to Matt and Zac who played on after some heavy contact. 

Lastly congrats to the boys who have been selected to the rep side this year: Nick Audet, Joe Birtles, Zac Larratt, Toby Loebel; Noah Pillinger and Louie Thompson. We look forward to hearing about your efforts on the day.

Under 12s

Youth Girls

The team was very much on focus this week working hard to fill the gaps and maintain team structure despite the distraction of the mud! 

Individual highlights from Tully (covering ground to support teammates in defence) and Ruby (never let the ball go) deserved the ICoC.

As we keep coming up against teams we have played before in future rounds the team is playing very well and it should be an exciting remainder of the season.

Under 13s

Div 3
Acron (think Africa by Toto)

I hear thunder echoing tonight
And parents fingers crossed and hope and pray for cancelation

The game is on, 7:30 tonight
The smell of BBQ with stars that call me towards a victory
I stopped old Rowey along the way
Hoping to find some long forgotten words, tactics and strategies

He turned to me as if to say, "Warm up boy, they're waiting there for you"

It's gonna take a lot to take me away from the game
Not a 40 point loss or even more could ever do

I bet it rains down at Acron
Gonna take some time to do the things we need to do

The wild Swans were strong in the night
We grow restless longing for more goals
or more penalties
I know that we must do what's right
Sure as Rod training our craft for the fight lying ahead of us
We had a tough footy lesson and a wet trouncing was to come.

It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from the game
Not a 40 point loss or even more could ever do
I bet it rains down at Acron

Gonna take some time to do the things we need to do

I bet it rains down at Acron
I bet it rains down at Acron
I bet i rains down at Acron
I bet it rains down at Acron
I bet it rains down at Acron

Under 14s

Div 1
U14 D1 St Ives vs Maroubra
Following redivisionalisation in D1 round seven was the first week of the return match ups.
The Saints were looking to consolidate a position among the leading U14 D1 teams.
The game was close in the first two quarters with less than two goals separating the teams at half time. This was despite St Ives playing below what we have come to expect from this group.
After half time Maroubra out scored St Ives by 10 goals to 1 in what turned into a one sided contest.
We are all looking forward to next week to be able to show how this team can play.

Div 3
Unexpected sunshine greeted the Under 14 Div 3 team for their re-match against Maroubra at Acron.  On a slow field, St Ives skipped away to an early 6-goal lead in the first quarter and didn't look back.  Off the back of effective team play from Joey McMahon and co in the centre, St Ives established a dominance up front which netted bags of goals for Ben Hollander (6) and Ned Waddington (3), ably supported by Oliver Marriott who kicked the first and last goals of the day.  Tidy work at the back from a defensive line featuring Keiran Sullivan, Tom Lloyd, Joey Dennis and the speedy Tom Stewart kept Maroubra to a single goal at half-time, although Maroubra to their credit stayed in the contest and continued to put pressure on the ball.  However St Ives was able to maintain steady pressure throughout the second half to run out deserving winners 116-28.  Special thanks to Louis Tomlinson, Will Durand and Ben Payne who performed admirably as loaned players to Maroubra in the true spirit of the game.

Under 15s

Div 2
The U15's season has not been a strong one with limited player numbers and a lot of very strong teams in the competition. While it has taken a few weeks, the team has really started to engage with Rob's coaching and understand the importance of playing like a team and committing to the contest every time. The was evidenced clearly in the first half of the game which prevented Cronulla from blowing out a big lead in the first half and taking the game away from St Ives. Going into the main break the score was 14 - 2 to Cronulla.

The U15's needed to win the 3rd quarter to put Cronulla under pressure, but unfortunately Cronulla got a few lucky breaks and were able to take full advantage of those to close out the quarter with a lead of around 30. That's the bounce of the ball sometimes, and it is these moments that are a test of a team's mettle.

This was fully demonstrated in the 4th term with a very strong display from the U15's. They refused to be bowed by the score and came out with fighting effort to easily win the quarter. While not enough to take the game away from Cronulla, it showed that 4 quarters of football with that level of grit, determination and intent will see the U15's seriously trouble every team in the weeks ahead.

The U15's from here need to build on the weekend effort and focus on improving their skills at training and take some extra time to increase their fitness. This will allow all players to commit to 4 quarters of intense football each week, and most importantly grow their belief in themselves as a team.

In a nutshell, back yourselves and back each other - the season is not over.

Youth Girls Div 2

In spite of the weather forecast the sun was shining and our meet with the Balgowlah Suns was to go ahead.  Our girls were ready for the challenge and they came out hard. 

Excuse me for eavesdropping but I did overhear a conversation between two Balgowlah supporters, with a tone of surprise, “the St Ives team are pretty strong”.
“That’s good,” was the reply.  “In all the games I’ve seen the Balgowlah girls play, it has been a walkover.”

The game was far from a walkover!  When the siren sounded at half time St Ives had a very nice lead, but… the opposition came back out firing and the pressure was on.

Hollie, Zoe and Sophie were doing some amazing defence work.  Laura, I believe this was her first game, was proving herself to be a valuable team member, despite being pummelled more than once, she kept bouncing back.  Ainsley took some incredible marks in the midfield, and it was beautiful to see the ball skills as the play moved down the sideline.  GeorgieF was sensational as always, pulling the ball out of what appeared to be chaos, dodging and sprinting towards the goal.

However, by the last quarter everyone was moving a little slower, exhaustion was setting in but every member of the St Ives team played unbelievably well.  They kept up their spirits and kept the onlookers on their tippy-toes as it was indeed a nail-biter match.

When the final siren sounded St Ives were just 6 points behind.  So, the team song was sung triumphantly because as Ainsley said, “We won in our heads!”

Final score: Balgowlah 7.2-42 St Ives 5.8-38
Just AWESOME!  Bring on round 8.

Under 17s

Div 1
Once again both U17s team were hit by sickness and injuries with 13 players out from the squad of 43. As such, we had 8 boys backing up from the Div 3 game to the Div 1 game  - many thanks for the fine efforts. The game was a tight tussle with St Ives getting off to ins normal slow start and having to come from behind again. Once we got going we matched the opposition but could never close the 2 goal margin. Look forward to meeting them with a full team in the future. St Ives 7.6.48   East Coast Eagles 9.11.65
Div 3
With 18 players this week and 4 players coming up from the U15s to help us out, the team should have come out firing however once again a bad quarter caused the team to again play catch up. The 2nd quarter was a much tighter affair and the team matched the opposition. Unfortunately it was all too little as the opposition ran away with the game. It was also unfortunate that they were not a team that won well with many of their players mocking St Ives and belittling their efforts. It was a very bad game from a sporting contest view and a very bad  example from Ramsgate of how AFL teams should behave when getting the mercy rule. St Ives 2.3.15   Ramsgate   not worth mentioning.

Acron Oval Conditions