Milestone Patches

From 2012, Milestone Patches are given at the end of the season to St Ives players that have played a significant number of games in official AFL competitions. Records are kept in SportingPulse and these are the official records used.

Milestone patches are given for 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 games.

This is a significant achievement in a player's career and the St Ives Club is proud to recognise the achievement with the player. Currently, St Ives is the only club in the Greater Sydney competition that is approved by the AFL to have the patch on our uniform.


The patch must be placed as described below; only 1 patch may be displayed, so the 75 game patch replaces the 50 game patch and so on.

The patch should be placed on the shorts' LEFT leg, positioned approximately in the middle of the leg, about 1.5cm up from the hem.

The shorts pictured are size 38. In the middle of the LEFT leg means the edge of the patch is approximately 10 cm from the white stripes.

Acron Oval Conditions