Life Members

St Ives Australian Football Club is underpinned by twenty seven Life Members.


All of our Life Members are worthy recipients of this prestigious award for services to the club, the code and the members. It is pleasing that many of our Life Members are still active in and around the club.


St Ives Australian Football Club graciously acknowledges these Life Members and the contributions they have made to our club:


  • Mr. Bob Bayles
  • Mrs. Barbara Bayles
  • Mr. Laurie Davey
  • Mr. Tim Hessell
  • Mr. Peter Lind
  • Mr. Ross Lindsay
  • Mr. Paul McMahon
  • Mr. Jim Bartholomew
  • Mr. Kel Hutcheson
  • Mr. Kel Matheson
  • Mr. Howard Parker
  • Mr. Andrew Mills
  • Mr. Winfred Roge
  • Mr. Peter Cunnane
  • Mr. John Fletcher
  • Mr. Tony Fallet
  • Mr. Rod Wilkes
  • Mr. Frank Woods
  • Mr. Rowan Tracey
  • Mr. Chris Roberts
  • Mrs. Beulah Barker
  • Mr. Phil Tangney
  • Mrs. Belinda Aynsley
  • Mr. Allan Brackin
  • Mrs. Andrea Lawrence
  • Mr. Terry Southwell
  • Mr. Robbie Wright
  • Mr. Trevor Byrne


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